“What’s your story?”

[“The sun will no more be your light by day, nor will the brightness of the moon shine on you, for the Lord will be your everlasting light, and your God will be your glory.”
Isaiah 60:19]

“So messed up.” We become so frustrated at times wondering how we manage to mess up royal-ly. Most times unawares, the F-word manages to burst out of the same mouth that receives the Holy Body and Holy Blood of Christ. Yet you and me is who He came for. Despite the hide and seek games we play with our merciful God, he wants us to know that we were meant for bigger (hearts), better (words), softer (thoughts towards ourselves) and deeper (commitment to the eternal).

The good news for the teeth-gritting, frustrated, f-word spitting, dissatisfied ones is that God knows better and He will show us better out of His everlasting love for us.

The dim lights of the weekend that blur rather than better our vision can be left behind. We can trade illusory charm of the distant, romantic moonlight for the warmth and beauty of the blazing campfire before us – God will be your light. No darkness; the true light that gives better than Ultra HD clarity to our misused/abused lives.

There is hope. There’s a new beat to dance to. A new music to swing to, as we hand over our lives to the redeemer.

Let your life story be a redemption story. May your transformed life reflect the everlasting beauty of God’s light.It starts by saying, “Today, I choose to give my life, as it is, into the hands of the Saviour- the one who will even die for me that I may live.”

What’s your story?



If you find yourself bowing down to pressure

I used to think bae was the short for babe. My wife enlightened me, like a sage : Babe, it stands for Before Anyone Else. And I felt like a babe (a child!). Feigning ignorance, I asked: “Does that make me your bae?” She didn’t find that funny!

Besides the fact that it prevents the elders from figuring out that the person next you in the photo hash-tagged #bae is actually more than a friend, I feel it is a privilege it is to be someone’s bae!

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Prepare to meet your God.

“Prepare to meet your God. “
It is a privilege to be asked to write devotions. The passage that you are assigned is always a pleasant surprise. You add a layer of another surprise while discovering the topic assigned to you. So now you have a surprise passage and a surprise topic – a double surprise!
The joy in digging deep into a passage finding out what God has to say can be described as a backpacking trip. You can hitch a ride at the mercy of the discoveries that come your way.  You also have to follow intuition, as there are a million ways to reach your destination. Often times you are tired by the time you get there.  Some times you get a rare ride that gets you all the way ( a key word that illuminates the passage, for example!).  The most common experience is that you end up inundated in a sea of illuminating thoughts all of whom wage a war to be included in the 320 words you are allotted. It is, most times, fun, I tell you.

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Is your life Wabi-Sabi? A peek into a beautiful outlook on life

When was the last time we appreciated something for the way it is? In a world constantly craving for the glitter of newness, wabi-sabi, a Japanese concept exists as a counter-cultural movement.

Wabi-sabi is known as the art of imperfection. It accepts things the way they are. it “finds beauty in imperfection and profundity in earthiness” and reveres authenticity. In the words of Robyn Lawrence, “to discover wabi-sabi is to see the singular beauty in something that may at first look decrepit and ugly.” The concept appreciates all signs that time and weather and use leave behind such as cracks, crevices and rocks.

Wabi-sabi reminds us humans of our transience on planet earth. One can practice wabi-sabi by choosing to focus on the wear and tear of an object that belongs to you such as a piece of cloth, a vase, clay/china items, etc. It could be anything for that matter. Observe it in detail and appreciate it for itself. Lawrence observes that “our universal longing for wisdom, for genuineness, for shared history manifests in these things.”

This beautiful concept is actually a state of mind. It encourages us to accept the beauty around us for what it is and live with a sense of peace with oneself and one’s surroundings.

This article is based on ‘Wabi-Sabi: The art of imperfection’ by Robyn Griggs Lawrence as found in his article here. The idea first appeared to me while reading ‘Viral: How social networking is poised to ignite revival’ by Leonard Sweet (Colorado: WaterBrook Press, 2012).

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What influences your vision of a good life?

Your life’s destination is determined by the vision of life you have. The clearer the vision, the more certain that you will get there.

A question we must ask ourselves when we have a clear vision is, what made us want this particular influence of life? We may even sift through our life to figure out who were our influencers towards that particular vision of life? Thoughts from James K. A. Smith


The Watchman | John 1:9-12

“Watchman… O watchman…” We hear that cry everyday. Paid peanuts, these men serve 12 hour shifts. While we have tea and snacks at the comfort of our homes, they’re served deprecative words in bowls of aggressive language. Some are lucky to receive smiles. Yet, very often, they’re a picked on lot.“Look, he’s dozing again.” “Lazy old man.” When he salutes us, we actually begin to think we are their superiors and that we deserve it.

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