” You are so dumb.”

“So, did God call you?”


” How do you know?”

“I just know.  He called me after I told Him I was willing to help.”

“Did he call out your name?”

“No. I believe what I heard was intended for me.”

“How sure are you?”

“He walked me through some circumstances. I thought He could use a hand.And I was ready to help.”

“So you didn’t hear His voice?”

“Not like a human voice, no. But you could speak without words,you know; through music, through paintings, nature, gestures, silence, circumstances . . .”

“Heh, like playing a guitar without strings?

” No, like making music without a guitar.”

“I don’t know man, you could be just delusional, you know.”

“I could be. But this is my calling.”

“What if you are ‘calling’ yourself?”

” I can’t ever do that, you know. Everything that comes your way, has a purpose.So if I felt a call, I believe there  is a purpose behind it.”

“So you “feel” your call.”


“Are you sure you did not “hear” it?”

” Very. . .You have more senses than one and if you keep the channels open and put it all together, you’ll feel it . . .”

” That’s rubbish. You lost it there. ‘Feeling’ it makes it emotional, and therefore one-sided. There are other aspects to life’s call!”

“That’s why you calm down and put all the pieces together. Think it over. And over.”

“You are so dumb.”


Casting Crowns for me

I’m listening to Casting Crowns, one of my favourite bands, and it makes me want to cry.

They are unbelievably and unconventionally honest about life, in their lyrics, and that’s what people struggling like me need today. There must be so many people out there encouraged to face their struggles after listening to the.

Songs like Who am I, Every man, Altar and the Door, If we are the body, If people pray, Stain Glass Masquerade, etc. just talk to me. Their songs are such a blunt affair that they don’t sugar it up with ‘it’s OKs and it’s alright’s’.

Being a lover of music, this band for me is a breath of fresh air from music, Christian and otherwise, because they actually make an issue out of issues which are an issue! I’m tired of the same old lyrics, same patterns, same words. And Casting Crowns makes you think and look at yourself in a mirror. Does the world see Jesus through what’s seen in the mirror? The truth, in my case is no, and their songs make me face up to that fact.

Their vocal combination of Mike Hall with Melodee Devevo backing him up is just fantastic. It’s one of those combinations which some amazingly great singers have used effectively; a rusty powerful male voice backed by an equally powerful and spirit filled female voice. I’m a great fan of it, especially having heard my favourites blessing us that way: Lenny LeBlanc (With Rachel Wilson in ‘Lord you have my heart’ and all his albums, aspecially, Above All) and Matt Redman (the song FACE DOWN and other songs) and so on.

shaken but not stirred

First of all, an apology to whoever reads; About the isfit updates. I used to leave early morning and come home late night. It was difficult to get online at that point. But I do intend to write about the trip and even the dream trip to Sund Folkehogskole, my Folk School.

* * * * *

This is exactly that time where I read about holding on to faith. I have dreams and aspirations. Want to do something for God. I kind of know whom to reach out to.

But now, I have reached an unfamiliar cross road. Of course I have got used to unfamiliarity in this trip of faith. Now the problem is how to discern God’s will. I have a couple of options. Which of this is God’s will?
all the options I have require stepping out in faith. Skydiving in faith. But which one?

God doesn’t seem to be answering. He seems to contradict too. Yes , you do God, I’m honest, or at least that’s what I feel. May be I have to wait for the larger picture.

I can use my talents and abilities and go forward in faith to something that seems to be scary but needing faith. the other one requires me to step completely into the unknown to a place I am not sure of working. Plus circumstances. Reality hasn’t struck me yet, because, I don’t want it all to reel my head. Let’s wait. I am waiting. By the way, the fact that God is contradicting in his messages at the moment comes from my current Bible readings.

I shall wait!