Raising the banner~ Bible Study 3: Rev. Biju George

Bible Study, never boring this way – Side 3

Here’s stuff from Rev. Biju George, who took the Bible study at Back to Basics He did the Bible Studies and I must say they were fantastic.

This post is on the 3rd Bible Study.

The camp theme back to basics was taken from Isaiah 62:10 which goes like this:

People of Jerusalem, open your gates! Repair the road to the city and clear it of stones; raise a banner to help the nations find their way.

Raising the banner.

“… raise a banner to help the nations find their way.”

When you raise a banner or a flag, you come to know who comes underneath it, consequently, who is loyal to you. Thus it s a call to bring people together.

How are we a banner (Banner of Christ)?

Remember, we are the salt and light of the world (Mat 5:13-15).

  • LIGHT (You are like light for the whole world. Mat 5:14 )

Jesus is light, therefore we, as Christians reflect his light to the people around us. Are we reflecting Jesus?

You can’t shine if the light is under the bushel. What are bushels in our lives? Busy-ness, everyday tasks, studies…

  • SALT (You are like salt for everyone on earth. Mat 5:13)

We are salt of the world. What does that mean?

A flavour

    • Salt adds flavour to whatever we add it. Are things around us better because of us? Are friends happier or better people because we are their friends?
    • Salt should be used in the right amount(not too much or too less)!
    • In a dish, salt is a minority. Still, it enhances the flavour greatly when the combination is right.
    • No one sees the salt, yet it does what it is meant to do, well. Are we like that?

    An anti-septic

      • Salt cleanses whatever it is added to. In olden times, salt was used on wounds in battlefields due to its anti-septic properties. It cleanses.

      Is your presence a cleanser? Do the people you hang out with feel they should become better because of your cleansing presence?

      Or have you made it worse???

      A preservative

        As long as salt is in something, it does not rot, it does not decay. (Eg. Pickle)

        Do you stop decay in your areas of influence? (Think. Friends, family, college, hang outs, extracurricular activities, workplace, weekends…)

        Raise the banner of the Lord by being Salt and Light in this world. Now you know what more it means.

        A special thank you Biju Achen for the exposition. Haven’t ever thought this way!


        4 thoughts on “Raising the banner~ Bible Study 3: Rev. Biju George

        1. You are the best teacher I have seen. Because you bring everything to the level of every person. How I wish I could see you one day.

        2. You are the best teacher I have ever seen. Because you bring every of your teaching to the level of every person

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