Preparing the way~ Bible Study 2: Rev. Biju George

    Bible Study, never boring this way – Side 2

    Here’s stuff from Rev. Biju George, who took the Bible study at Back to Basics He did the Bible Studies and I must say they were fantastic.

    This post is on the 2nd Bible Study.

    The camp theme back to basics was taken from Isaiah 62:10 which goes like this:

    People of Jerusalem, open your gates! Repair the road to the city and clear it of stones; raise a banner to help the nations find their way.

    Preparing the way.

    “…Repair the road to the city and clear it of stones…”

    To make something good you need to clean it first. This means removing and clearing things that make it dirty/useless.

    While preparing the way, which is our life as we move closer to God and back to our basics, we need to clear some things:

    Types of Debris in our lives:

    It is not the lack of faith, but not having enough of it. Even if you have just little faith, it is important to concentrate on that (especially when questions and doubts overwhelm us!). At least a mustard seed sized faith is enough, because it is not a matter of big faith, but of pure faith.

    If you have been to many camps, you are accountable to God. He’s going to ask ” So you went for so many camps, how many people have come to know God because of you? “

    We are accountable to God for that. Legality.

    Staying neutral, lukewarm in faith and passive. Needs to be cleared!

    Some of the hurdles while preparing the way would be:

    For standing for what you believe is right, while it goes against what others believe in

    We will have to confront positions of power when we stand for what we believe in and live the life the way God wants us to be!

    Needs no explanation. The power of this to influence is immense. It is important to resist pressure.

    Cleaning up

  1. Allow God to clean up your life (Just ask Him and let Him).
  2. When God cleanses, it is spic and span. There are no two ways about it. He will remove what needs to be removed and make it completely clean. Well, it does involve pain! Still we come out cleaner and better. The past and all the sins go away and you are completely clean.

    When God cleans, He does a complete job!

  3. Allow others to clean up your life.
  4. You can’t do it alone. You need to allow others to help you clean up.

  5. Just do it
  6. There are certain things only you can do. Certain areas which need you to handle it yourself. Just do it.

    The WAY

    Now what is this way we have been talking about?

  7. Way to God – The cross (suffering) becomes inevitable, but God is with us throughout.
  8. Way to another – We need to find God in others.
  9. Way to yourself – Be what God wants you to be! Not what others want you to be.
  10. How? Clear up life, remove the debris and overcome the hurdles and clean it up the way mentioned above. Remember it might involve pain, but He’s with you, to make you what He wants you to be.


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