‘Back to Basics’ Camp – Dr. Sunny Philip, Session3

Dr. Sunny Philip

Session III

An invitation to live life in God’s perspective

(Based on the story of Joseph – Genesis 45)

  • You need to feel God’s pleasure in what you do, if not, its not what God has meant for you.
  • If God has revealed something to you, it doesn’t mean that you have to rush and tell everyone about it (Like Joseph who went and told everyone about his dream, to the ire of his brothers).
  • If God has promised you something let him fulfill it in His time. You don’t have to name it and claim it right now. Remember, God’s time is perfect.
  • The wait could be hard. But waiting builds character and God fulfills hat He promised in His time.
  • Never be too pre-occupied with your own dream; others have dreams as well! ( You might have to play a role in fulfilling others’ dreams too)
  • Joseph handles his situation (being sold away, living away from family in a foreign land, jail…) because he believed that God was with him no matter what happened to him.
  • It is important to move from faith to faithfulness, which is required when we don’t see God fulfilling his purpose in our time frame (Remember Shadrach Meshach and Abednego!)
  • Other people have dreams too; get involved. Ask what their dream is. How can you be part of realising and helping fulfill another’s’ dream?

2 thoughts on “‘Back to Basics’ Camp – Dr. Sunny Philip, Session3

  1. Thanks for these notes … surely missed being there… looking fwd for more notes from the camp … 🙂 or nething that inspires u … 🙂

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