About me

My name is Mat. This is my quiet corner for writing.

I love sharing experiences, listening to and telling stories, reflecting upon life. Music, Theology, psychology, football (Messi and Barcelona fan), self help, leadership, current affairs and movies are some of my areas of interest.

I started this blog to track my actions in faith. It’s difficult to do that, you know! Firstly, because you don’t see; secondly, it’s all based on trust in the Lord. So, when I look back I want to keep a track of how God’s been faithful in good times and bad times, so that all praise goes to him. As of now, I’m at kindergarten when it comes to matters of faith.

I began this blog while I was 23 and have been writing on and off.

Ordained pastor in the Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar I work as a Youth Chaplain in Mumbai city, for the Mumbai Diocese in it’s Youth Ministry code named The Game Changer Project.


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Praise God brother 🙂 i really enjoyed reading. And i’ve been touched too, and i’m jus really glad to know the ways that God has been leading you to trust Him more. God bless you. And have a great time there. Will keep you in prayer.

  2. hey bro…. was nice reading ur exp in Norway… loved the travel part!! hope u enjoyed urself thoroughly!!! r u back yet??? hope all well…
    love & hugs!

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