Stressed out Christmas


Christmas shouldn’t be this stressful. Programmes and assignments pile up one atop the other. Deadlines ring alarms in your body that affects your physiology. You are tensed. The Saviour is going to be born, Am I prepared? Travelling. Late night returns. I am enjoying being reflective. But the sequence of getting into the new year without a break is hurting my sense. ISIS and the destruction it sows and the dead bodies it reaps. Islam isn’t what these fundamentalists project. What am I doing in youth ministry? I am going to present my first paper in an International Conference on Counselling and Psychotherapy and my abstract was accepted.  Have I started working on the paper? Don’t I need to go through the latest journals for information? Oh my goodness. Where will I get time to read? Reaching out to the poor and needy around us – practicing what I am preaching. So we are going out to buy stuff. Sheesh, I wanted to to keep that a secret. So many things. Preparation for a camp coming up. What am I going to do? Am I becoming more and more like Christ? But one thing I know  – the saviour’s birth has made a difference in my life. Sharing it with other people. Wait, where are my notes. Peace. Peace? A moveable feast. Pastor as  Minor Poet. Soul Keeping. Vanishing grace. Bible. The joy of game theory. Medium. com.  Mathrubhumi Newspaper. Drinking water. Baby. Trying to stand up. Family. Consoling, encouraging, wonderful wife. Am  I being there for her enough, this Christmas time? Keeping in touch with friends. Sending Christmas wishes. Unintentional leaving out of friends and loved ones. Guilt.

Where is the reason for this season and its impact?

I must rework the approach to this season.







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