Undivided focus – A single solution to many things

Having entered Christian youth ministry four and a half months ago, I had a lot of questions in my mind regarding how, what, when, where etc. Mumbai is a huge city and the group I minister to is huge. In addition, the youth are spread across twenty six churches and they have their own Youth Leagues and vicars.

Much of the time I have been anxious as to whether I was doing enough. One of the things that a fellow brother of a pastor told me was, ” First, connect.”

I have been spending time doing that. It has been fantastic that way. But slow. My fellow clergy have assured me that this pace is good and that my job was to till the land, rather than seek the fruit immediately. I may never see the fruit.

I love to grow and I have been divided in the way that I use time and energy. I might tend to call it ineffective knowing that I am capable of great things. My interests range across various matters. There is simply no time for  everything.

That is when I was read Selwyn Hughes’ ‘Everyday with Jesus’, a daily devotion that has been of invaluable help to me at least for the past 11 years. What I read to do said that a divided mind produced divided results. Once Jesus came to his life, Paul’s primary focus became proclaiming Christ.
“If we are double-minded then we end up delivering ourselves in too many directions. We need to learn… to be one person, with one motive moving towards one goal,” writes Hughes.

That is the secret. I need to cut out all other interests and simply focus on serving the Lord. Just that. Proclaiming his Word. Sharing His love. Lifting up weary hearts. Doing justice, loving mercy, walking humbly with my God.

Cut out. Focus.

“Will that limit me?” calls out the anxious heart.

Show me what you have become being unlimited, challenges a voice in my head. 

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