One of the challenges you face as a youth chaplain is preparing and sharing biblical content that is related to life. All this through various media. The content has to be in a finished form, bite-sized and easily comprehendable,  packaged keeping today’s social media in mind. Attention spans are less. Dedicated “growing time” or “quiet time” seem to be a rarity. Therefore one might have to grab the attention in the transient window-period of focus and aim to reach the heart.

That takes time,  thought,  personal quiet time, creativity and above all, the quickening of the Holy Spirit.

The most important skill I am trying to develop is a patience to review.

I get content. I have made content.  All I need to do is pore over those content and take stock of what I have. It’s got plenty for really long time.

But I’m ever in the search of the new and trying to catch up! It’s a hard struggle that way. I need help!

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