Do You Need God’s Direction For Your Life?

"Fresh Manna" - Bible Devotions by Tim Burt

Fresh Manna
by Pastor Tim Burt

There are times when everyone feels like they need direction in their life. When you need direction badly and you feel that you have none, it can produce almost a numb feeling in you. What do you do in times like this?

First, you remember that you are a child of and serveAlmighty God who knows the beginning from the end. He knows your tomorrow and all the days ahead. That is the very reason you should look to Him. He knew you before the foundation of the world. It was His plan before He formed this world and everything in it, to lead you to Jesus. Eph. 1:4 For God chose us in Jesus before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. Well, here you are! You know and love Jesus. He knows your tomorrows. He would…

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