turning another page

Praise God!

I turned 28 years old today. Till this day, I have been averse towards celebrating my birthday. It was because I couldn’t handle how the day bore upon me –  I had to look at the past year and live better the next. Plus, however small, the attention I received gave butterflies in my stomach. Weird, isn’t it? I think so… now.

However this year has been different. I got smashed with cake and toothpaste and bananas and skillfully handpicked rotten eggs. I gave in to to the celebration and learnt to be OK with it. I hadn’t cut a cake in 6 years, simply because I would feel bad that many can’t even have the privilege of celebrating their birthday. Many people wished me on fb.

I used to feel bad when people sang for me. I’d be really tensed. So I loved quiet birthdays when nobody knew. You walked around like you were wearing an invisible cloak.

Things have changed and so have I. I have learnt to be grateful to people’s gestures of love, no matter how deep or shallow. I learnt that it was not nice and was not the least good of me to not let people wish when they felt like they wanted to. After all, who am I? No great person.

An ordinary anybody. Simply standing by God’s grace. When I am shown grace, who was I to filter it? I will receive it with both hands.

Those of you who wished me via calls, sms, and facebook, thank you. And those who know me and yet didn’t, I love you all the more. Honestly. Thank you for all the friendship – that is what matters and you have given that. Do continue.

Thank God for everyone.

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