Stages of group development. @myen

Groups don’t form immediately. 6 stages of their formation:
1. Forming/ An attempt is made to achieve cohesion among members by getting to know each other
2. Storming/ Personal recognition is sought in the group by taking personal stands, and issues become polarised.
3. Norming/ A counter movement develops to reduce hostility, to reopen communication and to reorganise the group into a more effective body, by evolving norms and standards for working together. 4. The group gets on with the task by adhering to the norms evolved.
5. Reforming/ In the midst of problems like a new deadline or arrival of new participants or a controversial new idea, a group may undergo storming. But the group may reveal its degree of strength in how well it copes with these very natural problems.
6. Adjourning/ Once the task is performed , the members go away from the group, each to his own organisation or task.

(Information from ‘Introduction to media and communication studies’)

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