6 months as a seminarian. What’s that like?

What’s it like to have been in seminary for 6 months (and running)? How Do you rate your faith? I wish there was some way to assess all that. And this isn’t about me alone, it’s mainly God’s domain, yeah? So you don’t assess. Ha ha.

My difficulties have mostly been with time and people. It’s been sort of a challenge adjusting to some students’ attitudes and ‘power’ displays. It definitely tests your patience and composure. I liked that challenge and I’m still in the process of learning self-regulation and composure. We all face difficult people in life and need to know how to interact with them in a Christian way. I found it difficult and didn’t wanna be the ‘loser’. At the same time, I know it’s my ego keeping me from being Christ-like. Still working on that.

Managing studies and all the activities and extra- curriculars and responsibilities within this tight schedule is not funny. Working around it sucks the energy out of you. You end up with hardly any time for reflection.

The sunny side of things is that from the very first week, I’ve realised that this Is where I should be at this point of time in my life and that of the others. Something’s dug a deep hole in my faith and that’s the sign of me growing up, I’m told. The beliefs and faith I’ve had has been quite shallow and nursery school level while I learn in different ways about what faith Is all about and how myopic i could get about christianity. I’m blessed to have wonderful teachers Who’re really cool, because they provoke us, challenge us, encourage discussion and dialogue and constantly push to go and find out more. They Do all this with a smile. These guys a different group of priests who are chilled out scholars and mentors.
It’s my first time living in boys hostel kind of set up and man, Is it fun or what!

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