You are not alone.

You are a christian.

That means you are never alone.

Even when you have, or are lost,

be it near or far,

Remember, you are never left alone. You never will be.

The fellowship which you helped build, which you sustained

With your brothers and sisters through church

Wraps around you; stay warm.

Yes, it’s not easy. And you’d rather have your space now.

Have it. You need it now.

And remember,

when you look up,

In a glance, we will be around. We’re family. We need you.

You are us,

and us includes you.We love you.

WE are the fellowship.

We are the church. Yes, you, and me and her and him and them and –

All of us. So you are never alone. You never will be. You are never meant to be.

Nor is anyone at church.

Stay strong, dear brother. We feel the pain.

Where it hurts you, it hurts us, for your pain is ours too,

Just as your joy is ours too.

Here are shoulders,

here are tears,

here’s an embrace,

here’s just silence, if you need.

Above you is the Almighty, who loves you – the rock.

Below you is the ground, where He has placed you,

He did that, and you shall not stumble.

Behind you, stands the life that has passed,

A beacon, as you enter the dark.

To your right and left, is your family,

All there is and all we are; always with you,

With each other.

And in front, is God’s future for you,

All that He’s planned to do,

It might seem like darkness, together we shall see it through.

You are not alone.You never will be. Nor will any of us be.

For we are the fellowship. We are the Church. Called, to call many more in to it.

You are we.

In we, you are never alone.


Dear Abey, we are with you, brother.

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