Saying “it’s enough, I’m happy”: Not easy

Many months ago, I was longing to have a phone which I actually owned. I wanted one which could capture snaps, play music, record voice, display pictures and movies on it, have an RSS reader and social networking apps; bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity; double up as an mp3 player or an ipod touch. Finally, I did get one and I did have a role in choosing which one I wanted and I was satisfied. Since the memory card in it was 2GB and the phone had the capability to support even an 8 GB card, I immediately graduated to longing for an 8 GB micro SD card. Last week, I was gifted one.

You know what? Now I want an ipod touch. I have all that I wanted on my phone. Everything. Even a pdf/powerpint/.doc/.txt/.html file reader. Yeah, everything and a sleek looking phone. I got an 8 GB card which is quite a deal of space. Only 3 GB are filled in it, but I want something more.

More. See! I can’t say I am content. I remember asking myself, whether I would be happy if I got the phone which I wanted. I used to have friends’ phones and second hand phones which had the basic facilities and no ornamentation. So when I got the one I wanted, would life be better?

Actually, life is way better. I read my newspaper on the phone. Keep in touch and send emails via that small gizmo. I keep updated with it. I listen to music, watch episodes of a few sitcoms on it if I  ever have the time. It’s my alarm, reminder, memo, task manager, mp3 player, e-reader, feed reader, connection to the world I might lose touch with, my spiritual enricher through various inputs through the web, my social networking gadget, my blogwriter . . . Yet, yet, I’m not 100% content.

Something must be wrong somewhere. I’m looking for that 100% satisfier still.

It feels stupid because it’s the same thing Jesus and Buddha taught you when you learnt history lessons  about their life and teaching; it’s the same thing that Sunday school, youth fellowship and church taught you; it’s what your parents always drove into you. It’s what experienced elders told you over and over:

Desire is the root cause of all discontent. You can have all that you wanted and still lack. Just like the rich Young man mentioned in Matthew and Mark ( New Testament). Every religion tells you this and that.

And still I am longing for the Ipod touch. How dumb. How extremely stupid.  How long will I fool myself?

Yuck. You’ve been told all of this since you were a child, but you never learn. Jesus uses the word “O you who are slow to understand/learn” at some people. When I read it, I’m that person. So clear. No two questions about it.

I thought I had learnt quite a bit in life.


I’m glad I’ll keep learning. 

In the meanwhile, let me just try to be happy with my gizmo.

Yuck. That sounds even worse.


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