There’s a limit to idiocy being a PM

There’s a limit to idiocy being a PM.

Either you have to be dumb or have a really distorted idea of people’s thoughts on reality. that’s unforgivable for a national leader. You simply can’t come money begging to a nation you once ruled, disguised as a friend in need and a light to our path. Those days are long gone, at David Cameron hasn’t realised it I guess. Talking about the new and improved relationship India ought to forge with Britain He seemed polite but readin between the lines shows us his poor tact and desperation coupled with an air of ‘we know it better than you, Let me show you the way’ sort of attitude. Why else would He want the primary relationship with India be economics based urging us to open up our markets and deregulate policies? He even said, there has to be excitement and emotion, a new lease of life( note the word) and energy . . .’ and guess what? The first deal He wants to ink consists of 57 Hawk jet trainers, some deadly military air craft. promoting new lease of life, you He even had the guts to step in Bangalore and Say that He didn’t want India to commit the same mistakes regarding carbon emissions, and even wants to advise India. He wants collaboration in education, legal services and banking. the desperation? A retired imperial power with leaders having retired policies coming out of retired brains ought not be a rising India’s guide. where you are, Cameron and Inc. and Can solve our problems. Look into immigration and visa policies, then we might try to consider welcoming you. We simply aren’t cock-dyed and Can see through you. So, please, buzz off and fix your

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