Beauty, you kill me

Beauty, you kill me

Everywhere I turn, you invade me

There’s a rush and a turn , a glance

And a churn, I wonder how and why

You beat me.

And you just do.

I’m caught in the glance,

Appreciation lies in the detail

Where glance, a second, or a third is not enough

And  the main requirement is to go beyond the fourth.

How could beauty be so beautiful? Why does it hurt?

You can’t stand and watch till it morphs into a stare

And you get people’s glare and labels square

There’s innuendo the next time your friends talk

Or they’re hiding while they appreciate you for other things.

Since I can only appreciate, and there’s so much to see

You’re always left behind and you come in another disguise

Why ? Everywhere? It’s awesome, except for the stare

Because when you stare all over my puzzled face

All I could say is, ‘Oh God, how beautiful can one get!’

But don’t think I don’t know how elusive you are

Looks do matter but that’s not all there is.

There’s much beyond you, that I know

But your influence, I must admit

Is beyond  what you are aware of.

You make one eloquent;

Do stupid things, when you ought to look and be,


You have made time fly and waits long

Me weak and yourself strong

Did God tell you what I ought to do?

Because I don’t seem to recall.

I can’t ask you to stop hurting me,

As the world around can be dull without you.

Still . . .

You kill me and you ought to know.

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