One life and status quo

I try. Try again. I’m tired. When the occasion arises, and there’s no other go, I make a move. And a shabby one at that.

So how do you make the most out of life then? May be life isn’t all about ‘making’ it but just living it, experiencing every moment, looking at the details. May be it’s not about conquering, as self help books suggest. So why should I feel tired? Shouldn’t I just live the moment?
Stop it, George. Stop going on overdrive. You can’t read all the books in the world. You can’t watch all the music videos in the world. You can’t download every track online and enjoy them at the same time- you need to listen to them, don’t you? You want to keep up with the times, learn everything, write, rap, sing, share, love, build people. . . ‘it’s one life’, isn’t it?

Live each moment. Just live it.

End note: Does this sound like the road to lethargy and a wasted life?
Where did God go in the equation?

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