Psalm 23, upset stomachs and grass (like, green grass)

The sheep from Psalms 23 : David and me

Today I heard an explanation for the verse from Psalms 23, ” He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters”. David being a Shepherd was very insightful when he implied that He’s the Lord’s sheep. Shepherds in those times, led their sheep to green go on grazing from one end to the other, as they really have no clue on went to stop eating! Anyone who has eaten too much knows well that it causes stomach aches and other illnesses. So the shepherd has to make these sheep lie down on the pastures so that they can chew cud and digest what they have eaten. The speaker said that shepherds physically make the sheep lie down! Aren’t there times in life when we have just no clue when and where to stop? God, our shepherd has to make us lie down on the green pastures. So, may be the green pastures is not about just rest. It’s about well needed rest while we think we should graze upon the vast meadows kept there just for us. But the shepherd, thankfully, is wiser. If we don’t lie down, He’ll make us lie down. Now, mind you, that is not always pleasant, is it? What about my plans? What about the money? What about the time I’m losing? What about the losses I’ll make? Yet, the shepherd who knows our insides, better than us, will make us lie down, if we are his sheep. The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.

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