Bass to bass: a short conversation with Chandybass

In reply to my mail asking a review on an article:

My take on that is that church has becomes a community of performance rather than the community of grace that it IS. It’s Jesus body after all isn’t it. And let’s be honest, we aren’t honest. we all give facades of who we are. and the basic gospel of weakness and foolishness that Paul preached gets lost in all the war cries of faith. It’s the hardest part of the Christian faith that Jesus’ glorification is on the cross in his weakest abandoned state. I don’t fully get it. And honestly I don’t fully like it.

But something of that is part and parcel of christian life. I’ll stop before I continue rambling.

take care




Thanks for the reply.

So many of these things lying around that it’s so difficult to believe it’s even the same Jesus we’re talking about. Everyone has their own stuff to talk about and we all can’t agree on even basic points. Mission work looks like Sambar in the middle of this. We have this and that but it’s the same curry.



Jesus is huge Mathews. God is enlargening your vision. Everytime that happens everything blurs. Then you’ll see better and bigger and more beautiful. Remember the healing that Jesus did and the ex blind man first said that all people were trees?

and good sambar has got a few good ingredients. and everyone knows it’s sambar. It’s not kaachimoru. and the good ingredients are our basic points.


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