The latest leader of Israel

It’s been all gloomy around here. Sad. Struggles. Nothing happy or funny. Tired of it. Let’s see if there’s something to cheer the blog up a bit.

Once a child in a Sunday School nursery class was asked who brought the Israelites out of Egypt. It was the Sunday School annual examinations.

She thought really hard and didn’t seem to remember.

The innocent little child asked if she could be given the first letter of the name. After a few seconds of thought on the rules and their implications on tiny toddlers, the teacher finally gave in.

“Mo…”, she said attempting not to give it away.

“Mo..!”, the child sounded excited. The teacher was delighted. “She’s doing it,” she thought to herself, evidently very much pleased with her student.

“Mo…,” muttered the child again, as if trying to bring the name to light from the hidden dark corners of her tiny mind.

“Yes, Mo…. Mo…, yes, it’s right…Mo…,” attempted the teacher trying to make the process easier.


It seemed like the name was lodged at the tip of the child’s tongue, unable to be spilt out due to some unknown difficulty, possibly with the tongue.

“Come on, yes, Mo___”.


“Mo”, said the teacher looking away.




After a while the child’s face lit up. Evidently, the answer had arrived in linguistic form.

“I know”, she exclaimed, ” I got it!”.

The teacher waited anxiously to hear the name.

“Great! Tell me!”


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