Flying in and out

Recently, I met a person who travelled a lot. He has been close to 50 countries in the past two years alone. That means he atleast travels twice a month! I envied a life like his, where he got to travel around, attend programmes, live in hotels, meet different kinds of youth around the world, especially Asia.
“It’s gets to you after a while, La”, he said trying to show me the other side of all the travelling he did. Sometimes you just rush in to a country and don’t even get o see the place other than where the meeting is happening.
“On top of that you suffer from a lot of jet lag due to flying in and out of time zones. I can’t sleep these days you know!”
He is the dynamic youth Consultant ( like the secretary) for the Christian Council of Asia in the department of Ecumenical Formation, Gender Justice and Youth Empowerment.
“But the brighter side is”, he added, ” you get to meet different kinds of youth and how they live their Christian lives, you get to see the faith of these different kinds of people and it’s amazing . . . Different cultures and all of that. God’s creations all around. . .” There was a sparkle in his eye when he said that. Obviously that is why he is at this post now. God bless him.
There is always another side to the brighter side of life. And vice versa.

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