Max Lucado and my wallet

I went to a Christian book store this morning. To my surprise, I could find many Max Lucado book titles peering at me from the shelf. I got really excited. A warm feeling in the heart. A feeling of “home”. The paper quality of the jacket and the pages told me that they must be a foreign prints, implying astronomical prices ( for my tiny pocket).


The books (7 of them) sounded great on the blurb and there were two books I decided that I must buy soon, Facing your Giants and one more. I took out a small piece of paper ( because the book I had brought specifically to note down interesting titles was conveniently left under the seat of the scooter outside the shop. Way to go, boy!), and noted the titles. All of them cost 405 INR. There were neat, aesthetically designed and attractive hard bound editions of 30 day devotions, pocket-size Lucado books and the like. The latter cost 500 INR! I wanted all of them. The next time more money found a home in my wallet, I would buy all of it ( I am capable of making very thoughtful and awe-inspiring decisions like that, believe me), I told myself.


I picked up one of those small hard bound books to take a glance, which had bits of Lucado writing collected into daily readings. As I flipped through, I came across this section which talked about how to avoid making certain mistakes in life to enhance your life. One of them was, ‘Do not spend tomorrow’s money today. ‘


Book closed.


I had recently got some money in my hand sand my practice has been to spend of all of it on such valuable ‘resources which would enhance life’ , which would not become a waste. Just that I would have nothing in my pocket after that.


One day at a time.


One thing at a time.


Use what you have now. Plenty of good books you collected at home are lying there. You want to read them. But you don’t. Read them,be blessed. Then turn to Lucado.


Anyway, Vinay sends you those emails with good articles. Read them, and be blessed, a day at a time. If you really want to read more just visit .


So I’ll just buy one book with the gift coupon my father said I could use insisting that I buy a book with it, rather than what I had intended – a VCD/DVD of one of my favourite Christian bands like Casting Crows,Third Day, Newsong or Chris Tomlin or Gaither Vocal Band or Matt Redman or Hillsongs.


One day at a time.


When the money comes, I will buy them, one at a time. Meanwhile, I am accountable for the stuff I have at home. Gulp.


Let me go read that book lying on the bed.

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