If I were to be lazy


Let me let you in on a secret. With a tinge of shame.

This is what I would like to be if I were to be laziest in life:


  • Have a study where I could read all these awesome books and a learn a lot.
  • Blog often and publish a lot of helpful articles which would help people get closer to God, like Philip Yancey or Max Lucado.
  • Work on a good book written in a way people would live reading, without compromising on God’s message.
  • Travel to other countries, read a lot at the airport while waiting for the plane.
  • Check mail using the wi-fi at the airport on my notebook pc or blackberry or worst comes word, my i-pod touch (That is when I have any of them. I don’t, now. Who sets limits to dreaming?)
  • Jam with my band every evening after a Bible study and prayer and make good music.
  • Travel on the band’s bus to concerts, where the Lord makes his presence felt through the singing and worship. Rocking it hard.
  • Spend lots of time with my family and take a vacation to a good place when possible.


    This is as lazy my life can get.


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