If you have been following what have been writing in the past few days, you can see my thoughts oscillating like a pendulum.


Trust in God






More faith.








I am in that place where you know what to tell people who are in trouble, because you truly believe that is the truth and the way the bible teaches. At the same time, I’m struggling to put them into practice.




There’s no more validity to what I say. Even as I tell me friend, hold on, God has a plan, I struggle wondering where God is and why He isn’t clear. But my strong belief is He will be so clear some time that I will be able to see and hear what He wants. Till then I must hold on to his promises. And , shut up.


But will He make himself clear? Or would I have to decode what His message is from all that I read and hear? Is He expecting me to solve a riddle? Or will He whisper that I won’t hear and miss it? This is where I would be making a fool of myself if I miss it. Well, that anxiety, as you can see, is till there.


It scares me. I’ll hold on still, because when, not if, God makes things clear, it will be a story which many will be able to identify with.





2 thoughts on “Pendulum

  1. Ah, a fellow traveler down the same murky road. God only promised to light our path, not illuminate the next mile. You are not alone. David was anointed King 16 years before he took the throne. I wonder how many times he doubted God’s calling.

    Faith is the only thing that can propel you around the next blind corner in a series of the unseen. I can offer you no comfort other than this: I’ll walk with you. And when you doubt I’ll whisper my faith that God has not forgotten us. But only if you’ll promise to do the same for me.



  2. Thank you, Jim. I understand your limitations, but it certainly does help when a fellow christian tells his account of the walk down the same road. will keep you in prayer too.

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