Matters of the heart.

Since I have been reading a bit more of living as a Christian and spending some good time in quiet time, many questions have sprung up. It’s a good sign. My kind of Chritianity isn’t about taking what your parents, Church, Sunday School and VBS gave you, alone. O strongly believe that the walk with the Lord ( which is about living the way He wants you to for God’s purposes to be fulfilled) is too great to understand, yet so subtle it looks simplistic.

Digging deeper into Christian life reveals many more aspects of it you never knew existed.

Now why would anyone want to do that? Everyone is busy, has their own things to worry about, just where is the time for all of this searching and unravelling the subtle?

Yet this overwhelming sense of uncertainty over what I just said grips me. At the end of the day, when you go to lie down in bed, I believe, the heart of the matter is, still, the matter of the heart (borrowing the usage from Rick Warren).

Allow me to explain: We live and we want peace. Peace comes from a sense of security. Don’t we look for security in everything we do? That our submissions reach the teacher, that our money is safe in a bank, that the place we stay is in a good and safe area, that our mobiles are safe, that the things we tell our friends remain with them? And the feeling of security lies in the heart. As a child, when we’re scared, knowing that a your dad or mom or someone you trust is around helps you close your eyes and go to sleep peacefully. You trust them. Trust lies in the heart.

Whom do we trust? This is something that lies buried deep, nonetheless affects us in our day to day affairs. Many of us ( or most?) trust very few people. We can’t trust our jobs, can’t trust the economy, can’t trust your relatives perhaps… It worries and the worry pervades our lives.

It is here I would like to return to where we started – God. As I get to know God better, I see a stark contrast in our relationship compared to other ones. For starters, God never changes. If He promised, He will bring it to completion. If He said it will happen. If He keeps quiet, it means wait. If He doesn’t want something that we earnestly ask for to happen in our lives as He has something better planned, no matter what, He doesn’t let it happen. He wants the best for you. Mind you, what we think is best for us does not necessarily have to be the best.

I’m learning all this the hard way. These are painful lessons, because I’m quite used to and comfortable with things happening the way I plan. But, He seems to have something better planned.

3 thoughts on “Matters of the heart.

  1. If He doesn’t want something that we earnestly ask for to happen in our lives as He has something better planned, no matter what, He doesn’t let it happen.

    I like the way you’ve put this statement. I can vouch for this happily from my past experience. My parents were earnestly praying for me, and their prayers seemed to be getting answered too. But I had my own apprehensions, and prayed for Him to intervene if things were not in His plan. And voila! in due time, the situations that we believed were answers were shattered completely. What a blessing that shattering was!! I can’t thank Him enough for that grace He showered upon me at that time.

    But this always makes me wonder if I can go ahead and do something with prayers and expect God to correct it if I’m taking the wrong path. Isn’t it my duty to listen to His voice and make my plans according to His plan? But how do I learn to listen to His voice? Answers continue to elude me.

  2. yes, you’re right. The latest post mentions a similar situation.
    The best I’ve reached at is “Be still and know”… hmmm…

  3. i got the same thing too … 🙂 n in more than 1 place too … so that’s the mode I’m in now … 🙂

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