Now what?

I am terribly confused.
What exactly does God want me to do?
Am I doing all the right things I’m supposed to in finding out His will?
Am I sitting back and waiting for God?
Why can’t I hear Him speaking?
Why isn’t a clear direction pointed out? Every time I think I have a somewhat clear direction, another point supporting the opposite direction pops up.
How do I choose?
It’s a matter of life. It is very difficult.
If I am not convinced, I am not going either way, because it’s a matter of life.
Or… life shouldn’t be taken so seriously?
Does God have back up plans or a variety of options like a bunch of WordPress blog themes? You could choose any one that suits you and what matters at the end of the day are blog posts and people who read them?
I am tired of waiting
Am I supposed to be doing something else?
Where is the direction? I’m asking and searching everyday. Doing good things.
Please reveal at least the next step.
Should I just take a decision and go ahead?

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