Back to Basics 1

( Isaiah 62:10)

Now I didn’t really think that the camp would be so great.  Many friends weren’t coming but a few friends who mattered were there. On top of that the messages at the Diocesan Youth Conference held at Quiet Corner, were of top quality and I could literally feel that God had brought me to the camp ( No, I haven’t had the privilege of hearing the Voice yet). I’d argued with my parents to go for this one. I’d just attended another one in Kerala the previous week which was also wonderful, giving me a different experience and a lot of friends.
Surely, I did need to get back to basics.
And how could I thank the cool God who brought Rev. Biju George, Dr. Sunny Philip and Mr. Philip Cherian!

I made loads of friends and the camp was crazy with six games – Signs, Ping Pang Pa ( Thanks to Lammy, and Dan for it’s Australian version). Logic and Dave’s World ( Crazy Chennai gang), the Mafia and Picnic played on the bus.

This is what I call a camp. Praise The Lord!
I’d been long wanting to play some music. It had been a while and I was just waiting. I saw the unmanned drum kit at the inaugural session and prayed ” Hey GOd, if you can’t find a drummer, I don’t mind playing…’

There you go – their drummer was busy with work. At the next session “Is there a drummer in the house?”

I waited for some other drummer to show up as I could hear another name out there, but her refused to come and I wanted to go and my friends push,. There I land on a drum kit. No practice, no preparation. But that’s how God’s worked many times in my life.
It was fun praising God again with a team of enthusiastic singers and great musicians like Ron.
No, practice, so, don’t mind the slipped beats!

Ron was juts fantastic and he could make any tune sound heavenly with his keyboard! I was blown off when Rev. Biju concluded his first Bible Study session with the Song ‘Take me into the Holy of Holies’ by Petra, which was superbly complimented by a piano,dual toned with a layer of strings. I’d never heard such terrific and blessed live rendition in recent times – surely only two blessed people could do that and that was just what we saw.
( to be cont.)

2 thoughts on “Back to Basics 1

  1. God really does work in mysterious ways !
    Loved the way u went up to stage without any practice n gave a stupendous show ! ROCK ON bro 🙂

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