What Joel said.

As far as I have learnt, being a vacation Bible School teacher till the 23rd, prophet Joel in the bible, has some interesting things to say.

First He warns of God’s wrath on sinners. Actually these sinners are people God loves , but they don’t love God.

Second He talks about the great day of the Lord – a day of punishment and judgement and no mercy.

Then he talks about God’s Mercy and his longing for people to turn their ways for. The desire He portrays i so intense that God asks, what wrong He did to them for them to behave like that.

Finally, the benefits of turning their ways to good.

God actually sitting and begging before He gets angry. Sin can’t go anywhere near Him, because f Holiness. So if He needs to come towards man, he must give up sin. Joel’s country men did not seem to want that.  How are things different today? Not very.

Isn’t that sad!

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