Two coins and loads of fun

Here’s a fun game. Suitable for Large groups.

Materials needed: Two coins. Two volunteers.

They come and stand in front and flip the coins at a designated time by the  games leader.

Depending on what each persons personal choice is they can choose to represent heads or tails by  a pose. After flipping the coins, the they need to decide  whether both are heads/ both tails/ one head and a tail, and strike a pose accordingly.

(Heads: both fists or palms on top of the head; Tails: Both palms behind the waist resembling a tail; A head and a tail: A fist on of the head, a palm behind the waist )

Those who get it wrong must sit down. Oh, the game is played standing up.

You might think that it would be always a head and tail together. No. Play it and watch the fun.

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