What is in and out

What is in, is not nearly as important as what is shown outside.

8 thoughts on “What is in and out

  1. George, do you really believe that? Are you generalising your statement? May be what you say is true of certain things for a limited period of time. But invariably, the inside eventually devours the outside. For instance, an apple rotten on the inside but appetizing on the outside cannot appear palatable for long.

  2. Precisely. So if it’s good inside, the outside reflects it. So what is inside isn’t half as important as what is outside, because what’s inside determines what’s on the out. Mind you, we’re talking about people!

  3. What is out is indeed a reflection of what is in….
    But what is in lasts,
    While the image fades with age..
    ..so what matters isnt what we ” WEAR ” but…
    what “WE ARE” : )

  4. I completely agree with you xyz. The only problem is that it sounds very utopian and something difficult move forward with. People do worry about what’s on the outside. I do too, many a times.
    Still it’s true.

  5. I agree with u too George..I’m aware too of how the outward show can make an impact on others..But what seems so may not be true.The thoughts within make the character whereas the outward is the personality.The personality mirrors the character but it can never be the character itself..because character has the highest place and importance always.

  6. George, you ought to agree that the outside does not always give a faithful picture of the inside. Can’t humans be crafty enough to disguise their true character? For me believing the outside disregarding the inside is utopian. If what is shown on the outside is consequential, then why did God have to say, “The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” – 1 Sam 16:7

  7. Just realised that I contradicted myself on what I wrote and what I am standing for in the replies. May be that’s another shade of this life. I think I saw my own writing from a different perspective, thanks to you guys.

    I agree with the both of you saying ‘the inward’ matters. The personality can never be the character. True. But who values the character higher? A certain group of people. It’s a construct. A choice to believe in the supremacy of that construct. what about people who don’t really acknowledge the inward as better/ superior?

    And I have verse in reply to Jessy. Will search and add it in here.

  8. I’ve been reflecting on your perspective too. I think what you say is true in the context of communicating with people. If I see a person erring and wish to correct him/her, I must speak the truth in love to have an effect. Now speech is the outward expression of the inside. Consequently, what is shown outside becomes important. By this however, I don’t rule out the inside as insignificant. Just saying, improper conveyance of the goodness inside would make it worthless. The exterior is a channel but not the source.
    Meanwhile, I’m waiting for the verse.

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