shaken but not stirred

First of all, an apology to whoever reads; About the isfit updates. I used to leave early morning and come home late night. It was difficult to get online at that point. But I do intend to write about the trip and even the dream trip to Sund Folkehogskole, my Folk School.

* * * * *

This is exactly that time where I read about holding on to faith. I have dreams and aspirations. Want to do something for God. I kind of know whom to reach out to.

But now, I have reached an unfamiliar cross road. Of course I have got used to unfamiliarity in this trip of faith. Now the problem is how to discern God’s will. I have a couple of options. Which of this is God’s will?
all the options I have require stepping out in faith. Skydiving in faith. But which one?

God doesn’t seem to be answering. He seems to contradict too. Yes , you do God, I’m honest, or at least that’s what I feel. May be I have to wait for the larger picture.

I can use my talents and abilities and go forward in faith to something that seems to be scary but needing faith. the other one requires me to step completely into the unknown to a place I am not sure of working. Plus circumstances. Reality hasn’t struck me yet, because, I don’t want it all to reel my head. Let’s wait. I am waiting. By the way, the fact that God is contradicting in his messages at the moment comes from my current Bible readings.

I shall wait!


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