ISFiT arrival!

04:52 pm, 20th Feb

Just can’t believe I am back in Norway. Stepped out of the KLM city hopper singing “Nanniyode njaan sthuthui paadidum” ( I will sing praises with a thankful heart. I love travelling and God’s given me another opportunity to attend an awesome conference.

With two Indians , a Korean and a Singaporean whom I had met at the Amsterdam airport, I moved out of the baggage claim place and found the ISFiT volunteers waiting for us (Vaernes Airport, Trondheim). FRee ride to Trondheim! I had only 200 Kroners with me and they wouldn’t do rupee exchange at the airport. But the 90 kroner ticket to Trondheim was given to us by the ISFiT volunteers Marte and George.
Trondheim is all snowy at this time and it looks beautiful. Minus two degrees is the cold and I had gone and worn my thermal underneaths on the plane itself, as planned before. Wanted to stay warm, you see…

The reception at the Student Samfunnet Building was awesome. The theme andthe atmosphere has such a mood associated with it that it’s been fun. Meetings loads of people… Norwegians kinda surprised that I speak their language. Not speaking much of it because this is an English speaking conference due to it’s multicultural international nature. It’s ok, I can manage fine without showing off. IT’s fun seeing there faces when I speak it though.
I’m in workshop 16 Music: Jamming for PEace and I am the only bass playing participant in the workshop, as of now. The workshop coordinators are very nice and friendly and Adrian, one of them, plays the bass and we have plans to play two basses at the same time. Gonna be fab with the music. Very excited!

I must talk about the warmth of the ISFiT Volunteers. All of them are doing a a fantastic job! They’re so welcoming , put you at ease and help you at any point. Very friendly. The whole atmosphere right now is suited to make a lot of friends and talk to a lot of people. There was coffee and snacks to supplement the milieau which makes it just perfect. We’ve got our conference kits and a t-shirt too.

My host is a Canadian from Cubec named Geulleaume (JYOM) and a very frinedly person. He stays at the students quarters of the university of Trondheim known as NTNU – Nord Trondelag Norsk Universitet. Nice cozy place. I told him to not worry about my comfort and stuff coz I am a travellerwho stays on basics and this facility itself is fab for me.
Gonna catch some sleep in while. Really tired. By the way, I met people in my workshop from Grenada, Belarus and Turkey. Hadn’t met anyone from there before.
Yonas (the turk) and I got some talking going about Turkey and multiculturalism ( which acccording to him is not true) and the EU membership and his experience there. He’s a guitarist and taught me some basic lessons in sweeping. Nice chat. Looking forward to making a lot of music!

Today special – no.1:
Wherever I go something has to happen and I make a fool of myself.

2 girls from Belarus introduce themselves. “Have you heard of Belarus?”
“Of course”, I say fully confident. A broad smile appears on their face.

“What language do you speak in Belarus?”, I ask. The grin fades away suddenly.
“Any other language?”, I try to make amends.

No use.

Of course I know Belarus but suddenly couldn’t place it!
No use. Next time, a little more guarded`Of course’s.

Where its all happening
Where its all happening
Host ghost leading the way
Host ghost leading the way

2 thoughts on “ISFiT arrival!

  1. way to go dude..
    waiting for you to update this place so i can know whats happening with you. Read our blog to know wats happening in Sweden! its been fun.. meet you on 1st πŸ™‚

  2. dude.. keep it going πŸ™‚ waiting for you to upload more stories so i can know whats happening with you! we are doin great here in sweden.. read the common fk08 blog to know more! waiting to meet you on 1st.. take care!

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