I’m still in Delhi. Well…

Praise God! ISFIT Stories 1

3:20pm, 19th Feb ‘

19th February, 11:30 am Vaernes Airport, Trondheim, Norway. That’s where I should be at this very moment. But..

W ell… I knew something wouldn’t go according to my plan somewhere. But didn’t expect this one. After a quick 4 hour wait at the Bangalore Airport International Limited(BIAL), I got the plane to Delhi, from where I had to catch a flight to Amsterdam. Transit time – 2:15 hrs. I reach Delhi at 11:30pm

So I reach Delhi, collect my baggage, take a leak and wal to the International Terminal. Oh! I found out that you had to take a bus ride to that terminal.

After 10 minutes of waiting, A bus comes, which leaves after 25 minutes.  I overheard a foreigner saying that the ride was 40 minutes. I slept off.  It took close to 45 minutes to get there. Which other airport in the world would have the Domestic and International Terminals so far apart? As we were closing in on the airport, I somehow woke up to the fact that it was ten to 1 am. Can I come so late? May be since it’s an international flight and a transit passenger they might just let. When people got off the bus, I sensed a hurry. I ran.

Ten thousand counters for baggage checking!   An airport staff told me KLM flight was on wing G. Ran to G to find that it’s Qatar Airways. Nowthe airlines do not have a specific desk. Whatever is said on the three flat screen TV’s on top of the counters is where the Check-in would be done.  The Qatar Airways guys tell me that KLM counters wasclosed.

CLOSED? What do you mean closed.

As per their direction I run to the Help desk where a young girl tells me “Sorry Sir, their Security check in is over and they have closed the counters. I can’t let you in. ”

WHAT DO YOU MEAN! I’m a passenger on transit and I need to catch a connecting flight from Amsterdam to Trondheim!

Sorry sir we can’t do anything. I’ll tell the staff and find out. Please be seated.


I was losing my cool. They can’t do this to me. It’ s not my fault. Or was it, that I took a leak at the previous airport?

Well…  I didn’t panic. This is another one of God’s games. All I was praying was I know you’re in this, but please, I  want to attend this Students’ Festival. God’s intervened in my life many times beore and it was hard not to believe that HE would intervene. Still I had a cold feeling in my heart. I’ll wait and see. By the time more passengers came asking for the KLM flight and the pressure on her was more. She made phone calls to the KLM staff, who sometimes picked the phone and some who said they’d come later as they were boarding the flight. I have taken detours, unexpected ones, beore, and they have given me experiences which I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

I didn’t have money to pay for anymore tickets. You’ll be rebooked on the next flight, said a Scottish sounding person  to me. What about the connecting flight?

If it’s KLM , then they’ll take care of it.

I wasn’t giving up. I was telling the lady to call up again. I’m not going back to Bangalore. At least not right now. I was also quite excited what God had planned.

There were around 10 passengers by then. All who missed the time because their flights had come late.

Had to wait till that KLM flight left and their staff came took our number s and sent us to the KLM office.

Finally when the staff turned up there , they rebooked me as I was on transit and had missed it due to airport difficulties. What more, they told me that the flight further from there was also rebooked. They asked me to go to the JEt Liet (The airline on which I’d come to Delhi). I reached the office to see the friendly scottish sounding man sitting there.

Together we waited for 3 hours after a hotel was arranged for us. He was annoyed that they initially made us wait because the staff hadn’t come back from flight duties to help us out and also because even after they came, they were chatting with each other. He was  gentleman, with glasses and reminded me of Postman Pat, though his hair wasn’t like his.

What a detour! Unexpected. He turned out to be a steel Mill buyer fro Sheffield and seemed quite amused that I was doing psychology.

We reached Hotel Shanti Palace, where we got awesome rooms. I’m not kidding. Didn’t know that God had this in mind. They said breakfast lunch and dinner was free for us. (After lunch , it so turned out that upto 450 rupees would be paid by the Airline company.)

There’s only one flight which does this Amsterdam thing for KLM from Delhi. That’s why I have to wait for 24 hours.

Those of you booking tickets with a transit in Delhi, make sure that you next flight is atleast 3 hours apart. You’ll never know. Just to be on the safer side.

Talking about the room now, it’s a plush room and I’ll put up a video a of it. Too cool.

I had a bubble bath today and have been relaxing in the morning. I’d slept at half past 5 and after getting up went and had a sumptuous breakfast.

Kinda regret that I can’t meet my old friends from Norway as planned for the first evening. The good part is that I didn’t have to spend in Norwegian Kroners, or hardly any money at all.

God knew that I have had a very busy run up to this travel with the research completion, submission and all that. He knew that I was tired carrying the l;aptop and walng, catching the bus and walking anagain and repating the routine in the vening. He knew that I don’t have much money to be lavish. So He’s given me a 4 star treatment all for free!

Catching a taxi this evening to the aiport which is also hopefully arranged by the airline, so that I can get to the KLM office at 8 to collect my boarding pass.

God. I knew it. I’ll go by your plans. Your time Zone isn’t my time zone. IT’s difficult to operate on a different one. But I’d rather go by Yours. Thanks.

You’ve proven yourself again.

By the way, for a short living battery, I got to charge my phone at a free place in the B’lore airpot and these hotel guys gave me one too. My charger is a 3 pin one, which can’t be used in Norway, so there comes the stuff!


A day’s wait to ISFiT. I’m refreshed.

(Here’s some misuse of the camera)

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