Confirmation and Confidence

My God! It’s  quite scary. It’s difficult to believe that Gos is at the helm of affairs.

I know He is. May be I am looking for the feeling. That chill in my heart which assures me. I think I must just believe. A cognitive decision. Use of the Frontal lobe  in terms of exercising those higher mental abilities of thinking, planning, problem solving, etc.

In the rush to do things well and on time, I look for signs – God are you there? Then He will show up sometime , much later than my expected time. My time isn’t His , you see. And He’s got it perfect and I just don’t seem to be able to follow a different time zone! A time zone that isn’t recurrent and regular. It’s His time, the best time. But somehow I just can’t seem to fall in line. Some more polishing needed, eh?

With the Masters’ dissertation 4 different assignments, practical hour presentations, an MCing job, sending mails to Norway friends to see if they would be around, to find a place to stay on the first day while being there for two weeks (REst of the days, I’m pretty sure and it’s arranged, Thank God!) Don’t know how I’ve managed this. Why do I  say that? Of course I know, God’s done it all. Arranged it in His time. Still I wish thinks had been done it’s time earlier. Does that mean that there was much I could do, or was it God’s will this, way?

Suddenly help for the interview transcripts for the research in terms of transcribing came from an unexpected place and in record time.Though I have a good friend at church who would be just glad to do the typing work, I couldn’t ask her, ‘coz the interviews are meant to be kept confidential, especially ‘coz It contains youth from our church itself.


Help me learn Your time and fit into your time zone. It’s kinda frustrating not being able to fit in, you know? Please?

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