When you need, He provides.

“When you need , He provides”. It’s a fact which we need to experience, in order to believe in.
For the youth meeting on the 31st of Dec, ’08, I needed to arrange for a “fun” singing session. We could arrange everything (Drummer, drums, bass guitar, 2 amps and a mic) except an acousitc guitar. Finally we had to settle on a poor guitar which my friend agreed to bring.
But in the evening, he not only turned up with a friend but also 2 fabulous guitars. The friend Sam brought was Colette, a very blessed singer and songwriter who owned a Washburn (!) acoustic guitar and a Freshman guitar. Both sounded heavenly, especially the Freshman.
He provided.
I’d left the programme in His hands asking Him to take control of it and lead us. He provided mush more than that.
He gave a us a great speaker in Philip Cherian and a song by Coletter, which were the highlights of the vening. Somethings really worth taking back, for the year to come.

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