Stepping out in faith

When you set out in faith, it’s sort of scary. Sometimes, when you think, since there is no guarantee that things willl turn out the way you are planning or imagining, there s a chill which goes down your spine. Sometimes, shame along with it because your plan to step out into life in faith seems quite audacious to many people. It’s worse if you are someone like  me who always believed that you are capable of messing things up no matter how well things went.

It took me many sessions at camps and some inspiratinal books and some quiet time to realise faith is the only way orthtaking. I must admit that whenever I believed things would not go wel, they just di not go well. But when you go ahead in prayer and according to God’s will, He does things in your life which you have never been able to do. Mind you, all for his glory, in His time, in His way.

It’s not like I am not anxious because I don’t know what He has in store for the future, since I would like to take an unconventional path. But he who called is faithful! That is reassuring because He is the rock and fortress. the only rock and it’s on him I stand.!

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