Messi He had a late start to the season. You could think that he would be worried about his goal tally not matching up to last year. But today (19 Oct 2019), he passed the ball, while in front of the goal. One more time.  He showed us not only why he is the greatest, … Continue reading Messi

Missing the point

Esther Duflo and Abhijeet Banerjee, Nobel prize winners in Economics have had the pluck and the experience to say something prophetic : that we have been missing the point. "When a tree gets cut down in Nairobi, GDP counts the labour used and the wood produced, but does not deduct the shade and the beauty that … Continue reading Missing the point

Teens camps

Going by statistics, Christian teen camps hardly make a difference to people's lives.  Three days in a year that consists of 365 days? That's just 0.821917808219% of the time available in a year in total. Insignificant? Well, as my teacher Anil Pinto once told us in class, "There are lies, greater lies and then statistics." … Continue reading Teens camps

Bird by Bird

Do you ever feel paralysed when faced with a huge amount of work? You don't want to start because you feel you can't finish it, yet you must, but you can't!Tom and David Kelly in their book 'Creative Confidence' quote the wonderful author Anne Lamott, who narrated a childhood story in her book 'Bird'. Her ten-year-old … Continue reading Bird by Bird